Art Gallery

These are some of my art projects. I have experimented with watercolor, Prismacolor pencil, collage, and opaque watercolor (gouache). After painting still life and exploring the concept of space, I returned to landscape, my first love. My artistic adventures include having some fun with layers of color and geometric shapes. Collage is new for me, and I am also picking up pen and ink.

plain titmouse

Oak Titmouse

valentine collage finalValentine


Geometric Collage


Nasturtiums and Pear

Nasturtiums and Nectarines

Still Life Pitcher Painting

Watercolor Seed Pods

Radish Solo

Textured Corners

The First Rose

More Purple Pears!

Seed Pods

Bowl of Fruit


Purple Pears

Pastel Pear

More Pears

Pear Print

Encaustic Landscape

Three Apples and a Pear



Forest Corners

Watercolor Apples

more corners in the sky

mixed-media collage

another art project


watercolor fruit closeup

fruit drawing

watercolor rose

watercolor pears


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