Along the Trail to Enderts Beach

trail to Enderts Beach

There is an overlook along the coast south of Crescent City, California, adjacent to a trail head. This coastal trail, which is a part of Redwood National Park, leads to Enderts Beach and beyond. It is a short drive off of Highway 101, and worth the detour.

view of Enderts Beach from trail

We arrived at the parking lot in the middle of the afternoon yesterday, after the fog had dissipated. It was warm and breezy, perfect weather for a short hike and beach excursion. Along the trail, we peered over the edge of the gentle cliffs, through the assorted vegetation and down into the surf and rocks below.

above Enderts Beach

An Osprey passed us as it cruised along the cliffs. The vertical drop was considerable, but the trail was long enough so that the descent was gentle. We were rewarded upon reaching the shore with the sight of a pair of Osprey fishing in the surf.

Osprey pair

Osprey pair one divingOsprey rising with fishMale Ospreyfemale Osprey with fish

An easy half mile hike took us back out to the parking area, and we continued south on 101 to Humboldt County as the fog crept back in and thunderheads danced above the coastal mountains. It was a very good day.

Enderts Beach



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