There Comes a Time-or Two

There comes a time when you grow weary of flailing against the unyielding realities of life and take a step back. Although you don’t really want to. You regroup, explore your options. Complain bitterly about the unfairness of it all. And then you see it.

At first it is a pale imitation of light in the recesses of your brain. You ignore it. It pesters you. Then it brightens and becomes insistent. You pay attention. At last it breaks open into a revelation.

GV sky

Wow. Why didn’t I think of this before? Well, it turns out that you did. But the time wasn’t right. Now the bits and pieces of several ideas are blending together like a good stew, and a tasty meal is almost ready for consumption.

OK, enough with the metaphors. So much of my time these days is spent on a computer, writing and searching for inspiration, that I began to explore my options in the realm of Information Technology. Why not? I LIKE data. I need order in my life. Everything and everyone (whether they admit it or not) is online now. Why not  join the club? Wait a minute, I’m already a member.

Years ago I tried to take a technical writing class. The first time I went was the last. Now it’s all about Creative Nonfiction. Apparently technical writing can be dramatic and interesting as opposed to boring and painful. I could do that, right?

In January I am going to attend my first Computer Science class. Ever. I am excited about this, and hope I will go through with it. Otherwise, I’ll have to come up with another plan. One inspiration at a time.


About Joan Marie Naszady

I am a learner, a teacher, and a naturalist who enjoys being creative!
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