Late for the Party

mid winter sunset 1It is a blessing for which I am grateful every day that I have the privilege of living in a rural area. I enjoy an uncluttered setting with fresh air, abundant scenery, intimate views of wildlife, and a sense of peace. Evidence of this can be imagined by these sunset images.

mid winter sunset 2

What could possibly mar my Utopia? Occasional inconvenience is my only complaint. This week I lost my Internet connection, and my routine was disrupted.

Routine is something that we all depend on to function with efficiency and maintain a sense of well-being and purpose. Habit keeps us on track. It can be taken to the point of inflexibility, but even in our advanced state of development, we depend on it for survival.

As an adaptable person, when I was finished fuming I considered my options, and although I am not a coffee drinker, I headed to a local coffee shop chain (which I have been known to mock) to avail myself of hot chocolate and free WiFi.

I am spoiled, and used to accessing the World Wide Web in the comfort of my own home. Due to my current state of partial employment, however, it is often a bit too peaceful there. The company of a multitude of hot beverage drinkers was a welcome change.

I found it amusing to watch those around me (trying not to stare) as they visited in person and on cell phones, as if no one else was in the large and crowded room. One gentleman in particular appeared to be having a series of animated conversations with the space across from him, and was ranting about his slow download speed to someone who was not in the room.

At last I got up from my nearby chair and walked over to let him know that it wasn’t his computer. My connection was also moving with snail-like speed. He gave me an absent look, packed up his things, and left.

He was replaced by a couple of other visitors a few minutes later. In fact, when I became engrossed in what I was doing online as my computer speeded up, and happened to look up again some time later, the characters around me had almost completely changed.

All of this is nothing new to those who depend on a public place to use the Internet. For me it was a unique social experience rather late in arriving. I have been known in the past to be late for the party.

mid winter sunset 3


About Joan Marie Naszady

I am a learner, a teacher, and a naturalist who enjoys being creative!
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