Picture a Day #336 – American Bison

In mid-July 2008, my husband Sam and I arrived in Yellowstone National Park for the first time. We drove into the park by way of the Beartooth Highway, which leads to the northeastern entrance.

Although we were lucky to get a campsite, I was disturbed by a report of a bear attack just outside the park. Nevertheless, we set up our tent and took a drive before dark. No trip to Yellowstone is complete without the presence of American Bison.This group posed on a convenient hillside, oblivious to our presence.

Yellowstone bisonThe next day, this buffalo appeared unperturbed by traffic.

Yellowstone buffalo

The only Grizzly I saw on this trip was through a spotting scope. Less dramatic than a closer view, but much safer.

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About J M Naszady

I am an observer of the world around me, a student of nature with the eyes of an artist, and a teacher. My interests have taken me into the water, across the meadow, through the forest, along the cliffs, and up the mountain. My latest journey has plunged me into the virtual world of words and images.
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