Picture a Day #219 – Oh Me Oh My

Apologies to my loyal blog patrons! I have skipped five days in my post-a-day marathon. Maybe I can make it up by double-posting next week?

I have a very good excuse. My husband Sam and I are in the midst of moving over a hundred and fifty miles away, in the 90+ degree heat. The good news: we have air conditioning in our new place, our old place, and our vehicles.

No Internet yet at our new place. No cell phone signal. I have to go down a hill .3 of a mile (sigh) to make a call. BUT, on Monday I should have a landline, Internet service, and most of the things that I need (or think I need!) to set up housekeeping.

It is hard to leave my garden, just when the crops that take the longest are close to maturity. But we will be back and forth for a while to check on things, and our neighbors are happy to water and eat our veggies! I’m just glad that they will be enjoyed and tended, and I am taking the most portable ones with me.

So, here are some pix from this morning. The yellow squash is producing like crazy, and the green beans are doing well. The corn isn’t quite “done,” but I couldn’t resist picking one to “test.” My basil is petite, but fragrant, so I finally picked some. My cilantro has gone to seed, and now I will process the coriander seeds (as soon as I find out how to do this!)

The tomatoes are getting close. I never fertilize enough, and I waited too long to thin them. But they are beginning to ripen at last. When I think of my garden in absentia, I will have a very pleasant image in my mind of late summer bounty!


About Joan Marie Naszady

I am a learner, a teacher, and a naturalist who enjoys being creative!
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