Picture a Day #184-Thank You, and I’m Still Painting!

Today I would like to thank my 200th follower, Barbara Mattio. And to all of my other 199 followers, thank you! You all make the blogging experience so much more enjoyable by expressing your interest and sharing a part of yourselves in this amazing virtual world. Personal connections bring the Real World into cyberspace!

It’s a lot of fun watching my latest watercolor painting unfold, one color at a time. I began with a Prismacolor drawing, using a Goldenrod pencil. Then my first layer of color was Cadmium Yellow Pale.

Next I used Cerulean Blue to fill in the background, change some of the yellow to green on the pears and the leaves, and add a first layer to the plums.

My third layer of color was Permanent Alizarin Crimson. I used this to turn the plums purple, and fill in the foreground. I also added some shadows.

My next step will most likely be to add more yellow. Can’t wait to see how it will look!


About Joan Marie Naszady

I am a learner, a teacher, and a naturalist who enjoys being creative!
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9 Responses to Picture a Day #184-Thank You, and I’m Still Painting!

  1. Congrats on being so popular. I love your watercolor. I am working on an acrylic painting right now of the mountains around Asheville, NC

  2. enaszady says:

    i love the plums!

  3. Shayna says:

    This one is just amazing,And there is SO much to look at! Absolutely wonderful!

    Watercolor Painting

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