Picture a Day #146 – Flea Market Day

Today was flea market day! My husband and I drove to a large establishment about an hour from here, where we enjoy treasure hunting. Sometimes I come home empty-handed, but today was a good day.

I found two large, matching picture frames in good condition. This was very fortunate, as I keep painting and want to put more of my artwork up around the house. I also found a chair. The chair looks almost new, except for a couple of slight marks, and a few spots of mildew. It is a plain, unfinished design, on the small side, from Ikea.

I am not a big shopper, and there isn’t an Ikea store near my home, so it strikes me funny that I went shopping at a flea market and purchased an Ikea chair. This company was started by a frugal Swede. They make simple, affordable furnishings. My father was a frugal Swede. His parents were both immigrants to the northeastern United States in the early 1900s.

Tole painting is a folk art form that began in the 1700s in the northeastern United States. It was carried on by German and Scandinavian immigrants to this area in separate but similar forms. The Germans mostly painted on metal household items, and the Scandinavians focused on wooden items, including furniture.

I have never tried tole painting, but I thought this would be the perfect opportunity. What better way to celebrate my “roots,” my love of simple furniture designs, and my love of painting. I am going to look for some Swedish patterns, and decide how I want to decorate my chair. It is a perfect addition to my studio/office. Maybe I’ll sit on it when I practice my ukulele!

On the way home from the flea market, we stopped at the art supply store. I had a handful of coupons, and needed some watercolor brushes. I bought five very nice brushes and saved a lot of money (I also spent quite a bit). My frugal father would be proud of me!


About Joan Marie Naszady

I am a learner, a teacher, and a naturalist who enjoys being creative!
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