Picture a Day #114 – Sprouts!

We had such a warm weekend, that just three days after planting seeds in my container garden last Friday, I have sprouts. Most of them are radishes, but there seem to be a few carrots and lettuce sprouts as well in some of the planters.

While I was admiring the sprouts, I noticed this interesting insect on the leaf of one of the sunflower plants. Can anyone identify it? I hope it’s friendly!


About Joan Marie Naszady

I am a learner, a teacher, and a naturalist who enjoys being creative!
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6 Responses to Picture a Day #114 – Sprouts!

  1. Yay sprouts! Boo mosquitos!

    • J M Naszady says:

      Actually, I think this is a crane fly. Looks like a mosquito, but quite a bit larger. Thanks for enjoying the sprouts!

  2. joreenchan says:

    Wow, only 3 days? That’s quick! Geez, now I am having a bad feeling that the seeds I planted on Easter day won’t sprout afterall…

    • J M Naszady says:

      Don’t give up! Plant some more seeds, and keep them moist. One year all my seeds washed away in heavy storms…

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