Picutre a Day #62 – Another Art Project

Anyone who attempts to follow my train of thought knows that I hop around like…well, someone who gets more ideas than I can follow through on in any given moment. I make a lot of lists. Right now I have several art projects in the “hopper”.

It is often necessary for me to start on something before I lose my train of thought, and then go back to it when I am ready. Sometimes this takes a very long time. The evidence is hiding in my art closet.

A still life collage emerged from the closet this morning to glare at me. There are two colored pencil still life drawings waiting for watercolor enhancement. Now I have today’s topic. It popped into my head yesterday morning as I was gazing at the corner of the ceiling before I dragged myself out from under the covers into the chill morning air.

I have found myself gazing at the corners of ceilings before, studying how the light bounces off the surfaces. As a math teacher, it was often my task to help adolescents “see” three-dimensional images on the two-dimensional page. It has always fascinated me.

So now I have decided to do a series of “corner studies” along with my “fruit studies.” I may combine the two, as I am attempting to combine Prismacolor pencil sketches and watercolor. I also have plans to go in another direction with my corners. The bent corners are an attempt at artistic humor. Who knows what will happen next?


About Joan Marie Naszady

I am a learner, a teacher, and a naturalist who enjoys being creative!
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2 Responses to Picutre a Day #62 – Another Art Project

  1. Denny says:

    I’m delighted to meet someone else who has a room full of projects on the go, or in the “hopper”. I really like having lots of art projects waiting for me to start, finish or work on. It means I can do what I’m feeling inspired by. Occasionally I have projects that have a finish date but I usually start them well in advance so that I’m not under pressure. Sometimes having some pressure works for me because it makes me focus. Occasionally I Iook or think about all the projects I could be working on and I get a little overwhelmed so I try not to go there.
    I like the versatility and the range of art that is waiting for me. I find that what I gain from working in one medium flows into another.
    I like your idea of combining your corner studies with your fruit studies. It sounds innovative. Go for it!

  2. J M Naszady says:

    I agree that variety is great! And it’s best not to let yourself get overwhelmed. Find the fun in between. Thanks for your encouragement!

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