Picture a Day #36 – Exploring in Colorado

Our trip through Colorado began with camping in Mesa Verde National Park. It was our second trip to this amazing spot. I would come here every year if I could!

The Cliff Palace is one of my favorite sites.


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I am a learner, a teacher, and a naturalist who enjoys being creative!
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7 Responses to Picture a Day #36 – Exploring in Colorado

  1. David Terry says:

    Did you take the tour?

  2. J M Naszady says:

    No, but we watched the tour heading down. Sam isn’t into organized tourist excursions!

  3. David Terry says:

    This area of Colorado is a favorite of ours as well. We do trout fishing on the Dolores river and are now pretty familiar with the town of Cortez and Durango a little less so. I have tons of pictures. We were going every summer until we decided to start paying down some credit cards. You probably know Telluride is in that area and we have been there as well. The whole area is just incredible. We stayed at the lodging at Mesa Verde one year and deer would show up below our balcony. I went on three of the tours at Mesa Verde. You get to go inside the structures. Some of the climbing you have to do is interesting. There is this huge ladder you have to go up. I think we have been there about six times or so. We rent a cabin right on the river. It used to be a real bargain. But I think now they have raised their rates a bit. I’m pretty sure we will go back again once we get in a better financial situation………

    • J M Naszady says:

      We have only been through this area twice. The first time (~1999) was with our kids. We camped at Mesa Verde and visited with Sam’s aunt and uncle, who then lived in Dolores. This last trip (2008) we visited them at their new home in Cortez. We didn’t go to Telluride this time. We headed east to Wolf Creek Pass. Stay tuned for the rest of our trip through Colorado. We end up at Rocky Mountain NP!

      PS I’d like to see your photos. Are they on Facebook?

  4. I visited this place in 1995 – thanks for the memory nudge!

  5. You may also like Chaco Canyon if you get a chance. Colorado and New Mexico my favorites.

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