How to Paint a Rose

Watercolor painting has always scared me. While I admire the finished product, the process is a challenge requiring more patience and skill than I am able to muster on a typical day. I have made promises to myself to return to this medium again and again, but sadly they have been to no avail. Until now.

The planets had to be properly aligned for me to attempt this delicate technique once more. It’s been several years since my last adventure. I grew tired of taking pictures and using the Photoshop watercolor filter. It just isn’t the same.

So I have slowed myself down, and I’m taking it one step at a time. I began with my favorite subject-pears. You may have seen my completed project in this earlier post The secret is painting in layers.

My current project is a rose in my backyard which I have been watching and photographing since its infancy last week. It may very well be the last one of the season. You never know. By this time last year we had already had frost on the ground and snow in the mountains behind our coastal California community.

So, after photographing the different stages in its development and meditating on the light at different times of the day, I finally sat outside and drew the sucker. I waited until it was full blown, not only because I am a procrastinator but also because that’s how I like my roses. Fluffy. The mature rose has character, don’t you think?

A couple of days later, I painted in the background with a light wash. Yesterday I was back outside to capture the light on the flower. Next I’ll add blue to the stems and leaves, which will last longer than the bloom, so there’s no rush. One patient step at a time!


About Joan Marie Naszady

I am a learner, a teacher, and a naturalist who enjoys being creative!
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  1. Thanks for the interesting read 🙂

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