Sometimes There Are No Words

Sometimes there is so much you want to say that you don’t know where to begin. Once you get started, you may never stop. Life can be overwhelming.

When you are feeling overwhelmed, it may be helpful to pick a simple task to help you focus. Recently I chose framing and hanging pictures. Home decor is something that most people have definite ideas about, but hardly anyone can ignore completely.

Except for me and my spouse. We are pretty spare in our furnishings. After several years of home improvement projects, I was afraid to hang anything on the freshly painted walls. I enjoyed looking at them and imagining what would go on them. But finally the blankness had to be filled.

It can be very satisfying to fill up a space, if you can find just the right thing to put in it. I have been taking art classes off and on for fifteen years, and doing a little creative work on my own lately. I have drawers and boxes full of my work. I have given a few things away. I even tried to sell some, but perhaps my interests don’t match those of the average art consumer.

I have been on a pear kick for a few years now. There is something about pears that intrigues me. First I made some pear prints. Then I drew a variety of pears. I painted a pear in acrylic, and now I have captured pears with watercolors. My next project may be to do a pear collage.

I am choosing my favorites and filling the walls. It seems strange to turn my house into a private art gallery, but looking around, it gives me a sense of time and space that is needed. Fortunately my husband doesn’t seem to mind. With no kids at home anymore, plants and artwork make the place look “lived in.” Guess I found a few words after all!


About Joan Marie Naszady

I am a learner, a teacher, and a naturalist who enjoys being creative!
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3 Responses to Sometimes There Are No Words

  1. I am glad you are filling your home with your own art! You will be very impressed one day when you step back and can say to yourself “I did this.” It’s one of the best feelings 🙂

  2. This is a very calm, beautiful page. I had to comment on the pears and roses.
    I love to paint them, grow them, eat them (the pears) and I love the different meanings of the words themselves, so I use them in my poetry. I’m glad some else enjoys them too.

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