What’s in the Closet?

It’s amazing what you will find when you open a closet and start digging around. There’s the usual stuff you knew was there, like the vacuum cleaner you conveniently forgot about this week. Then there’s that bag of stuff you keep forgetting to take to the second-hand store. Don’t be fooled, however. The truly committed closet scavenger will uncover hidden treasure. It’s in there somewhere.

Remember those art supplies that you bought and never used? There they are, right where you left them under the extra bedding. When you’re done digging around, open them up and try them out. Or, they would make a nice gift.

What about those pants you ordered online and never returned? That looks like them underneath the holiday lights. Try them on again, you never know. They might look better on you today. If not, you can always put them in the bag with the other give-aways.

Now, I don’t know anyone who can resist the temptation of looking into a really large shopping bag. If there’s something interesting around it’s bound to be in the bag, especially if it says SALE in bold colors. Those are the best bags.

Do you ever dig through stuff hoping to find a whole lot of money that somehow ended up buried in the bottom of a box that you never knew you had? Neither do I. Just wondering. When you are on a treasure hunt, there really should be some treasure somewhere. If you’re very lucky, you’ll find it.


About Joan Marie Naszady

I am a learner, a teacher, and a naturalist who enjoys being creative!
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