How to Get a Mammogram

Ok, so not everyone’s favorite subject, but still definitely worth mentioning in a very discreet way. This is not something to put off, said the woman who found her lab order in the glovebox of her car. Fortunately, the lab order is valid for a full year.

It had been just under eleven months since I received this gift from my health care provider. I thought if I left it in my car that I would be forced to look at it twice a day, at least during the work week. At some point, however, it went from the cup holder in the console to the glove box.

My husband told me where it was. See, they really do pay attention! It was stained with coffee (not mine), but otherwise intact. I made the appointment and waited about a week.

Fifteen minutes before my appointment, I backed the car out of the garage and headed across town to the outpatient imaging building of my friendly local hospital. After a brief visit with the ladies at the front window for paperwork, I filled out a health history form and Ta Da! It was time for The Event. No waiting in line for mammograms today!

The rest is routine for those of you who actually get these regularly. For those who don’t, it only pinched a little. Really. And there was some squeezing also. But not too much. So, don’t put this off. Procrastination-related worrying is much worse than a couple of pinches and squeezes. And I am so proud of myself!


About Joan Marie Naszady

I am a learner, a teacher, and a naturalist who enjoys being creative!
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One Response to How to Get a Mammogram

  1. ethan says:

    a decisive slice of reality!

    i’m glad this is the first blog post of yours that i read, because the subject is awkward… and that is funny.

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