How to Start a Summer Project

You are on a tight budget this month, but your thoughts have turned to shopping. Buying something to wear always perks you up. What to do…while pacing through the storage room you trip over the old sewing machine sitting idle in a corner. Hmmm.

No, you don’t sell it on Craig’s List and use the money to go shopping! Not a bad idea, though…instead, you look around for that brand new fabric in a tub somewhere. Bingo, you find the carefully labeled bin with several folded pieces of cloth that you abandoned long ago. They still smell like new! Underneath the fabric is a stack of patterns.

You never throw patterns away, but finally went through twenty years’ worth while doing some cleaning awhile back. Luckily you saved some classics. One of the patterns actually works with some of the discovered fabric. Now for that machine.

You carefully dust it off, realizing as the shadows lengthen that you are stalling. You locate a table and lamp that will work well, and haul everything into the spare bedroom, where it’s nice and quiet (until you arrived with all this stuff, anyway).

Music is next. You find the portable CD player, and grab a couple of your favorite CDs. You are ready! Oops. What about a chair, and something called sewing notions?

They look like implements of torture, but are really quite useful. You have a vivid mental image of them somewhere nearby…on the top shelf of the closet in the very room where you stand rests another bin with everything you could possibly need to measure, cut, and finish a garment fit to be seen wearing.

Whew! Now you’re really tired and hungry, so you quit for the day. You’ve made a good start, so pat yourself on the back. Everybody knows that the best time to start a new project is always tomorrow.


About Joan Marie Naszady

I am a learner, a teacher, and a naturalist who enjoys being creative!
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