Working Without a Net

The media is full of drama about states trying to balance the budget by cutting programs and services paid for by tax dollars. The money has to come from somewhere. How far can we stretch those dollars?

It seems ironic that those professions which many would never consider are those under attack, because they are “public” jobs. Public employees are already paid less than many other professions, because they are not working for profit-generating businesses. Public employees are under the scrutiny of the public as well. How many people would fight fire, protect public safety on the streets, or spend their days in a classroom with other people’s children, work for less than they could make, and all with public criticism?

So, let’s cut what benefits they have, because we can. Are you ready to put out a fire in your neighborhood, protect the property of the people next door, or teach the kids down the street? Do you value these services as much as you value a street without potholes?

How much money do you spend to go to a professional sporting event, a concert, or a movie? How about the money you spend renting a movie? Is there a reason why our society will spend money on entertainment and successful entertainers make so much money, and yet the people who provide the services that we take for granted get cut when it’s time to balance the budget?

Think about it! What values are we leaving as our legacy to the next generation?


About Joan Marie Naszady

I am a learner, a teacher, and a naturalist who enjoys being creative!
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