Bully for You!

Bullies are everywhere. Not only do they inhabit playgrounds and patrol school yards, but they wear suits and lurk in offices, and cut us off on the freeway. It is ironic that adults try to teach children how to stand up to or avoid a bully, when they are often powerless against them in the workplace and on the street.

I was seldom bullied as a child. I kept a very low profile, and was at times almost invisible. This can be an effective strategy, if you don’t mind completely disappearing. Bullies have powerful radar which should be avoided at all times!

As an adult I have had a harder time disappearing. Perhaps I simply tired of being invisible. When you are a parent, it is important to take a leadership role. Once you become a leader in one area of your life, you are hesitant to give that up in the other areas where you dwell.

Bullies smell leaders and seek to diminish their power. They feed on their energy and suck the life from them. Anyone with an opinion to share is a target.

So, how can you avoid those who would attack you like a pack of hyenas? Bullies tend to travel in pairs and groups. They love the company of those who are willing to let them lead and admire them in exchange for their protection.

Movies are made and novels are written about this very theme. I’m only providing commentary and a few tips. Never let them see you sweat. Hold your head high and smile. Give a sincere compliment. Avoid retaliation. Disappear from sight as necessary.


About Joan Marie Naszady

I am a learner, a teacher, and a naturalist who enjoys being creative!
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