When you are stuck behind a slow-moving vehicle on a winding mountain road, it’s tough to be patient. You realize that the driver is probably waiting for a safe place to pull over, one that is paved, and both wide and long enough to accommodate the driver’s vehicle. You appreciate the fact that the driver ahead of you is driving safe. But you also don’t want to be in second place.

You just want to be on your way, unimpeded. You try to back off and not tailgate, but this is difficult to do. You resist the urge to curse under your breath, because the person or vehicle-take your pick-can’t hear you anyway. So, you turn up the radio or CD player, and try to forget.

You think about a road trip you took many years ago, when the weather was great and the traffic was light. You listen to a band you heard in concert before they were famous. Then you get really impatient.

The car you are driving creeps closer and closer to the rear bumper of the vehicle it is following. You sway across the double yellow line and glare into the driver’s rear view mirror. Finally, you flash your lights.

Now you have passed several perfectly good turnouts, so you know you will be stuck behind this bozo until there is a passing lane. Why you? You try to be courteous to other drivers. But it’s your turn to get stuck, and you just have to accept your fate. Back to the tunes…


About Joan Marie Naszady

I am a learner, a teacher, and a naturalist who enjoys being creative!
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