Cat Stretches

Whether or not you live with a cat, you’ve probably witnessed a cat stretch at one time or another. They are so memorable that I can recall details after many years of catless living (I don’t count the strays that inhabit our yard). One of my favorites is the back arch. It’s a classic. And who can resist the front leg stretch? The expression on a cat’s face when it stretches is amazing. It’s concentrated relaxation. Just watching feels exquisite.

So let’s treat ourselves to a cat stretch, shall we? Don’t be timid about this. If you’re going to stretch, go all out. Ease into it though; you don’t want to hurt yourself! First, step outside and look up. Next, reach for the heavens, or stars, or clouds. Feel the extreme distance as you stretch out those tired, sore, stiff muscles and things. Wiggle your fingers. Now, bend all the way down, down, down and touch those tootsies. Reach for the ground, baby! Oh my, how those legs needed that, after a long drive home or time sitting in front of a computer.

Don’t be afraid to stretch in public. You may want to try an extreme stretch at work, during your morning break or even in the middle of a meeting. Fear not the disapproval of others. They undoubtedly want to join you, but may not be ready. Set a bold example, and they will follow. But be advised: it’s best to avoid crowded elevators and sidewalks when engaged in this exercise, as someone may be injured. Choose your space and time wisely for maximum enjoyment. Now, repeat as necessary for an out-of-body experience. No charge.


About Joan Marie Naszady

I am a learner, a teacher, and a naturalist who enjoys being creative!
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