The Early Morning Blues

It’s cold, you’re tired, and you have to get up. How shocking it is that some people rise in the dark on a daily basis, and others sleep well into daylight while so much is going on around them. Amazing that such disparate people share the same planet. I guess that’s why time zones exist. But is it possible for time zones to exist in the same household? Hmm.

The day shift starts at 6am. Breakfast is over and daily activities are proceeding to their climax while the night shift snores undisturbed in  the back of the house. By midday, it’s time for lunch, and the bleary-eyed snoozers may be ready for a cup of coffee-or not. The bustling activity of the afternoon may be too much for them, and they may retreat. By early evening the night shift has kicked it into gear, as the day shift, fatigued at last, winds down into a comfy sofa with a cup of hot tea.

The evening meal is shared by the two camps in an unprecedented display of unity. The day shift nods off as the night shift heads out on the town. Later, long after the day shift has retired and is buried in slumber, the night shift returns to prepare the final meal of the day at 2 am. As the light winks off in the back of the house, an alarm rings to start the cycle again. And so it goes.


About Joan Marie Naszady

I am a learner, a teacher, and a naturalist who enjoys being creative!
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