To the Market

It’s kind of silly when you rise early to take a walk before breakfast, and then get in the car later to drive to the market. What’s the point of exercise if it isn’t useful? When you look out the window on your day off and it’s not raining, get bundled up quickly and be on your way. Don’t be discouraged if it starts to pour before you leave the house. It will probably stop. If it doesn’t, put on a wool cap and a raincoat for the trek to the store.

You may only need one or two items when you shop, but take your time and be certain that you haven’t forgotten anything. You probably won’t want to run out into the rain again too soon. Try to visualize yourself carrying groceries home, and decide how much you can comfortably handle. Stop picking out groceries when you reach your limit, even though you are enjoying yourself immensely and could go on like this for another hour at least, unless it’s something very small and has sugar in it. Especially chocolate. You can always put that in your pocket, after paying for it, of course!

Remember when you were a child and your parents warned you not to take too much food on your plate, because you probably wouldn’t be able to eat it all, and food shouldn’t be wasted. If you get greedy and have too much to carry, you might drop something in the mud and then you will feel guilty and try to save it and people will watch you digging in the mud as they walk or drive by and shake their heads. Avoid any situation involving foraging by the side of a busy thoroughfare.

You will arrive home with sore arms, and red marks across your hands where the plastic bags cut into your fingers, unless you brought your own shopping bags made of something re-useable and earth-friendly. Whether or not you are a green person, pat yourself on the back with either of your hands. You feel great! Now  put the food away.


About Joan Marie Naszady

I am a learner, a teacher, and a naturalist who enjoys being creative!
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