Public Displays of Affection

Strange things can happen when you least expect them. What may start out as a typical, boring walk can quickly turn treacherous. On the last leg of an uneventful stroll, my partner and I were facing sporadic traffic and trudging up hill. Along came a large tractor-trailer, and it swerved across the dividing line on the country lane, apparently to give us extra room.

The trailer looked as if it might swing back toward us, and my husband noticed that the driver had only one hand on the steering wheel. As I considered where to run he grabbed me and pulled me down into the  grass below the pavement.

I landed on top of him and rolled onto my knees, which got pretty wet. The truck passed us and continued down the road. We jumped up out of the wet grass as a bicyclist sped by on the opposite side of the road, calling out in a cheerful voice, “Nice day to be outside!”

Not only was I relieved to find that my jeans were free of dog poop, but wow, my hubby protected me from harm! Even when you know they love you, a chivalrous display can be quite nice. Unless they drag you into doggy doo. That would be tough to appreciate!


About Joan Marie Naszady

I am a learner, a teacher, and a naturalist who enjoys being creative!
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