When You’re Bored #1

When you are bored because it’s been raining for several days and although you like rain in moderation and it is obviously important for life itself but you just can’t stand being cooped up inside one minute longer, consider taking a walk.

It may hail during your walk, so be prepared. Wear grippy shoes and a substantial head covering. Don’t worry about what the neighbors think as you walk by, because they will be jealous that you have the guts and tenacity to take a walk in the rain and hail. They are also feeling cooped up, but would rather watch TV, send a text, or eat salty chips. Some people engage in all three of these activities at once, which sounds fun but may lead to poor health such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, high blood pressure, and eyestrain.

Taking a walk in the rain and hail is a healthy activity if you dress warmly and dry off when you get home. You must be alert however, in order to avoid traffic accidents or simply falling down on the wet pavement, which really hurts and can undo the positive effects of your walk. Walking in a hailstorm is not recommended when the size of the hailstones is large. Use your best judgement.

Some people feel the need to take a walk with a dog, most likely because they live with a dog, and dogs get cooped up rather quickly. If you feel the need to walk with a dog but don’t own one, consider borrowing one from a neighbor. This may create warm neighborly feelings but may also lead to the expectation that you will always walk their dog. Avoid dependency on neighbors, unless you have the desire to be taken advantage of on a daily basis, which may lead to resentment.

A human walking partner is often pleasant. Choose your partner wisely. Try to find someone who walks neither too fast nor too slow, and talks neither too much nor too little. This may be difficult to do, as walking partners are often in short supply. Be prepared to compromise.

Finally, breathe deeply and enjoy nature’s splendor. When you are pelted by rain and hail, remember how unpleasant a drought can be, with dust blowing around and dried up vegetation. Clean fresh smells that don’t originate in an aerosol can are rejuvenating. Now, don’t you feel better just thinking about taking a walk?


About Joan Marie Naszady

I am a learner, a teacher, and a naturalist who enjoys being creative!
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